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history of honda motors \car\bike urdu\hindi

Published on 15 May 2019 / In Travel & Events

Honda Motor Co., Ltd, Japanese Multinational Corporation, known as a manufacturer of Automobiles and Motorcycles, was found on 24th September 1948 by Mr. Soichiro Honda and Mr. Takeo Fujisawa. Honda in Japanese literal meaning is root field or origin field. Mr. Soichiro worked as a mechanic at Japanese tuning shop, Art Shokai, since in his young age. Then in a self-taught engineer, he designed his first drafts of piston design and sold to Toyota, but it was rejected. Because of shortage of gasoline during World War II, he was not able to develop in producing the car. After that he established The Honda Technical Research Institution in Japan of small engine for 2 bicycles. And his first motorcycle was Honda Cub; first automobile was T360 mini pick-up truck.<br />Automobile<br /><br />Honda's global lineup consists of the Fit, Civic, Accord, Insight, CR-V, and Odyssey. An early proponent of developing vehicles to cater to different needs and markets worldwide, Honda's lineup varies by country and may feature vehicles exclusive to that region. Moreover, Honda entered Formula One as a constructor for the first time in the 1964 season at the German Grand Prix with Ronnie Bucknum at the wheel. Some of Honda vehicle models are 2000-2006 Honda Insight (53 mpg-US/4.4 L/100 km; 64 mpg-imp combined), 1986-1987 Honda Civic Coupe HF (46 mpg-US/5.1 L/100 km; 55 mpg-imp combined), 1994-1995 Honda Civic hatchback VX (43 mpg-US/5.5 L/100 km; 52 mpg-imp mpg combined), 2006- Honda Civic Hybrid (42 mpg-US/5.6 L/100 km; 50 mpg-imp combined), and 2010- Honda Insight (41 mpg-US/5.7 L/100 km; 49 mpg-imp combined).<br /><br />Motorcycles<br /><br />Being the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Japan, Honda started its production in 1955. Honda reached its peak in 1892 for manufacturing almost 3 million motorcycles annually. By 2006 this figure had reduced to around 550,000 but was still higher than its three domestic competitors. Honda also appeared in the Motorsports called Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) in 1982. The company combines participation in motorcycle races throughout the world with the development of high potential racing machines. Its racing activities are an important source for the creation of leading edge technologies used in the development of Honda motorcycles. HRC also contributes to the advancement of motorcycle sports through a range of activities that include sales of production racing motorcycles, support for satellite teams, and rider education programs. Some of Honda Motorcycles Models are Honda CD 70, CD 100, and CG 125.

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