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Japan Catfight Club Tips - How to Win and Lose in Yakuza 0

Published on 08 Mar 2019 / In Gaming

Yakuza 0 has a number of cash earning schemes and mini games but some are more "entertaining" than others especially if darts, bowling or pool aren't your thing. One of the biggest crutches is simply managing your property empire but this is a little boring to just sit and wait for the profits to roll in. However, the Theatre district hosts the Japan Catfight Club which is a place where you can earn easy money for doing very little other than ogling the female fighters whilst betting on the outcome. However, there's a sting in the tail where it's quite easy to lose it all and not if you're just a bit unlucky. Despite outward appearances, there is some sort of order to the game where as a player you've got to determine when to bet high for the big cash win and when to ease back and simply win the tournament. It's understanding how the game works which might help although as with all things random, it's not simply a case of winning and losing being black and white. Take a look at the video which attempts to explain how the Japan Catfight Club works and what's the best approach for winning.

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