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The Law Offices of Ronald W. Slonaker, Attorney, are conveniently located in Ocala and Fort Myers, Florida. I have over 40 years of relevant experience that helps me protect the<br /><br />rights of people just like you throughout North Central & Southwest Florida who have who have been hurt in a car accident or who have suffered a personal injury, face criminal<br /><br />prosecution or are considering bankruptcy. Before setting up my own practice 20 years ago, I spent ten years as a police officer, five years with a major insurance carrier in<br /><br />various capacities including Claims Counsel, and over 20 years defending persons sued for causing an accident of some type. I also have experience helping people in<br /><br />financial crisis or facing foreclosure of their home. I have special Florida Supreme Court required training in the Mediation of Residential Foreclosure cases.<br /><br />ocala Ocala<br />ocala fl Ocala<br />ocala craigslist Ocala<br />ocala mugshots Ocala<br />ocala national forest Ocala<br />ocala regional medical center Ocala<br />ocala weather Ocala<br />ocala drive in Ocala<br />ocala speedway Ocala<br />dui Ocala<br />dui vs dwi Ocala<br />dui checkpoints Ocala<br />attorney general Ocala<br />dui laws Ocala<br />dui checkpoints los angeles Ocala<br />duie pyle Ocala<br />dui felony Ocala<br />dui drysuits Ocala<br />attorney Ocala<br />attorney general of texas Ocala<br />attorney general of texas Ocala<br />ocala Gainesville<br />ocala fl Gainesville<br />ocala craigslist Gainesville<br />ocala mugshots Gainesville<br />ocala national forest Gainesville<br />ocala regional medical center Gainesville<br />ocala weather Gainesville<br />ocala drive in Gainesville<br />ocala speedway Gainesville<br />dui Gainesville<br />dui vs dwi Gainesville<br />dui checkpoints Gainesville<br />attorney general Gainesville<br />dui laws Gainesville<br />dui checkpoints los angeles Gainesville<br />duie pyle Gainesville<br />dui felony Gainesville<br />dui drysuits Gainesville<br />attorney Gainesville<br />attorney general of texas Gainesville<br />attorney general of texas Gainesville<br />ocala Marion/Alachua<br />ocala fl Marion/Alachua<br />ocala craigslist Marion/Alachua<br />ocala mugshots Marion/Alachua<br />ocala national forest Marion/Alachua<br />ocala regional medical center Marion/Alachua<br />ocala weather Marion/Alachua<br />ocala drive in Marion/Alachua<br />ocala speedway Marion/Alachua<br />dui Marion/Alachua<br />dui vs dwi Marion/Alachua<br />dui checkpoints Marion/Alachua<br />attorney general Marion/Alachua<br />dui laws Marion/Alachua<br />dui checkpoints los angeles Marion/Alachua<br />duie pyle Marion/Alachua<br />dui felony Marion/Alachua<br />dui drysuits Marion/Alachua<br />attorney Marion/Alachua<br />attorney general of texas Marion/Alachua<br />attorney general of texas Marion/Alachua<br />ocala 34470<br />ocala fl 34470<br />ocala craigslist 34470<br />ocala 32601<br />ocala fl 32601<br />ocala craigslist 32601<br />ocala mugshots 32601<br />ocala national forest 32601<br />ocala regional medical center 32601<br />ocala weather 32601<br />ocala drive in 32601<br />ocala speedway 32601<br />dui 32601<br />dui vs dwi 32601<br />dui checkpoints 32601<br />attorney general 32601<br />dui laws 32601<br />dui checkpoints los angeles 32601

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