Some Americans are ignorant and proud (S2E10) What means: monogamous?

Published on 08 May 2019 / In Entertainment

Some Americans are ignorant and proud (S2E10) What means: monogamous?
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1. They want to pass a low in New York that will permit heterosexuals to get married. Do you think that’s OK?
2. What two colors make up the color red?
3. Name a famous homosapien.
4. How big is your girlfriend uvula?
5. Name a reason you might stay indoors on a beautiful day.
6. How do you spell: esophagus?
7. What do you think about when you masticate?
8. What will cause your angina to act up?
9. You have 13 puppies. All but 8 died. How many have left?
10. If your boyfriend was playing with his shuttlecock, what would he be doing?
11. Name a specific food with an eatable skin.
12. Name a kind of bear.
13. What does it mean if you’re monogamous?
14. What were people not allowed to do during prohibition?
15. Name a piece of clothing wives buy for their husbands.
16. Name a winter month.
17. Where is the ring of fire?
18. “If I can make it there, I’d make it anywhere”. What city are we talking about?
19. How many days are in a typical year?
20. The coast of California faces what Ocean?
21. In what city would you find the Eiffel Tower?
22. Name an invention that has replaced stairs.
23. Name all five oceans.
24. What’s heavier: a pound of dirt or a pound of concrete?
25. What’s the capital of Chicago?
26. Name the first thing you take off after work.
27. Julius Cesar was the emperor of what Empire?
28. What is “one” divided by “zero”?
29. What is: “innuendo”?
30. What ancient civilization built the Machu Picchu complex?
31. Name one city outside the US.
32. What do you like if you’re carnivore?
33. What country fought in the American Civil War?
34. What building are you in if you’re sitting in the Oval Office?
35. What was the name of the last Queen of France?

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